The IONION BEACH started out in 1979.

That year, we received a licence to run the premises as a camping site.
The following year, we started refining the premises by planting trees and constructing the first buildings.

So as to have a clearer understanding how I, Michael Fligos, decided to create the IONION BEACH, a small look into the past is required.

I was born in 1944 in Korinth. My parents were both shepherds. As a young child I helped with the chores. We used to spend the summers in the mountain with the sheep and in the winter we were obliged to seek grasslands in the plains.

One day, after a fourteen day travel we arrived at Glyfa. We liked the area from the very start and decided to buy a piece of land and settle permanently in the area.

It was there where I met and married my wife Anna with whom we have two sons Theodore and George.

The land at the IONION BEACH today was bought by my father in 1972. When I took over the premises, potatoes and watermelons were cultivated in the area as well as the nearby areas. This was a difficult task because the sea water did not help the vegetation.

I had decided to change profession and become a truck driver. I had already paid off the truck, when one day at a canteen a tourist gave me the idea to create a camping site on the land there since it was an ideal spot.

It did not take me long to make my decision, and on 11 July 1982 the IONION BEACH started running, still having plenty of space for potatoes.

However, due to the rising forthcoming of customers at the IONION BEACH we abandoned the potatoes for good.

By word of the mouth advertisement from our customers helped us tremendously, and so we bought the land next to us, where in 1991 we started building apartments, which started running in 1993.

In 1996 the swimming pool was set up as well as the beach bar.

There is not enough time to refer to all the reconstructions and improvements made, however each year we never stop to surprise our customers with something new.

We can take pride in the large number of steady customers that we have - something, which to us means that they enjoy being with us - a fact which makes us the best camping site in Greece.

The Fligou Family.




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